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There is a word in the dictionary known as “GENIUS” and if someone wants an example well then refer to the God of Music A R RAHMAN (ARR).

Rahman’s contribution to music has been immense and the number of awards/hits is only a mere reflection of what he has been able to contribute to music and to India.

To celebrate ARR’s success, RahMania, an musical xtravaganza was held in Pune in July 18th 2009. It was scintillating and colourful. It was one of the best evenings that people of PCMC(Pune Subburb) enjoyed.

The event organized by Imagination Events, was nothing but a musical extravaganza. Crowd from all over Pune were awestruck with some of A R Rahman’s best compositions.

Kudos to TWS, The Wandering Souls.

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About Rahmania & The Wandering Souls

‘Rahmania’ is a show performed by Pune’s well reputed musical band ‘The Wandering Souls’. This show was conceptualized in the year 2003 and since then had been performed at various venues in and out of Maharashtra. Right From the chimes of “Chotti Si Asha” in Roja, A R Rahman has enchanted all generations of the nation with his unique genre of music. The Wandering Souls is a band formed in 2003 formed by a bunch of musicians and is the only band to have performed with A R Rahman at his LIVE concerts such as the ‘Jai Ho’ concert.

Rahmania is an attempt to bring this genius out of the listeners hearts and connect with him through his music. This is the only exclusive show, which presents a compilation of his songs, seldom attempted by anyone much because of his complex orchestration and offbeat type of music. A journey through the life,  philosophy and music of A R Rahman.

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