Silver is considered to be a precious, a good conductor and highest thermal conducting metal. Here, I am going to introduce a music band with all this qualities imbibed onto them, literally. They are precious group of musicians coming together onto one platform, a good conductor or enthusiasm and entertainment and pass on the hottest performance when they are left with one stage, instruments and a cheering crowd.

SILVER, aFacebooks a band was formed in the year 2007, in Pune. Formed by professional young musicians, they hit on success right after their first performances. These 20-some aged guys do create the magic of creating music, electric to be precise, whenever they are on stage.

Rishi Rai, who is one of the founder member handles the bass guitar and the ambience, as they say, found a great team mate in Savio Sebastian on lead guitars. There experimentation went well and they decided to hang around together. The need and later the search of a good drummer ended up with Amit Godse joining them. With a steady thought of getting a good vocalist who can keep the band and the crowd in real electric tempo; the hunt was over when they spotted Mahesh Niroula. All together they jammed long sessions and now they are a power exploding package dishing out great performances mixed with funk, rock, punk jazz, heavy metal and good old progressive rock.

Their main features as a band is the music sense each band member is having and the co-ordination between them while performing. The crowd won’t be disappointed for even an iota of time; so much is there perfection when it comes to music. They have already toured nation and international wide getting their music talents across lakhs of people. They have represented India in Taiwan at the Asian Beat music festival in 2008. The same year, they won Independence Rock competition, I-Rock 2008 , held in India. They have been judged the best rock band in Pune recently by a survey.

If these things don’t impress you much, do catch them performing LIVE somewhere. You definitely won’t regret.

Watch out this space for their updates…