Introducing Amit Trivedi? Isn’t Amit Trivedi  a familiar face  these days in the Indian music scene? Well, that is what I thought till I heard many of my friends say, ‘Amit Trivedei, who?’

Amit Trivedi

One of the best things that has happened to Bollywood is the introduction of new age directors in the league of Anurag Kashyap who broke the set standards of the industry. They also brought in new and talented music directors to compose music for their movies. Be it SEL, Shantanu Moitra, salim-sulaiman or Piyush Mishra. All of them excel in delivering tracks across different genres effectively. And Amit Trivedi is one of the finest finds for the industry.

I first noticed his songs in the movie Aamir. All the songs played on the background and they were hardly given any publicity. I was lucky to have watched the movie and wanted to know more about the music. The first song I noticed of his composition was ‘Ek Lau’, sung by Shilpa Rao and sooner the other songs like Haara, Bandya and Phas gaya dragged my attention. I thought he would break into the mainstream cinema and would become a rage. But nothing of that sort happened. I kept looking out for his name in the credits of the so called ‘multiplex movies’.  It was more than a year later that Dev D hit the scene. And that did mark his arrival. People were talking as much about the music as they did about the movie. Even though I did not like ‘emotional atyachar’ initially, I quite liked the uniqueness of the song later on. Check out the rock version of the song, if you haven’t. The album could have been grouped in the rock genre with songs like nayan tarse, saali khushi, Aankmi choli. But then there are other songs like Payaliya, ek hulchul si, yah meri zindagi and dhol yaara dhol which makes the album a mixed bag. That is the variety that Amit brings to his music. But again, sadly, like it often happens in the west, songs were spoken about, but the composer was not.

In fact I was wrong in saying that I noticed his songs first in Aamir. There was an album by one of the Indian Idol fames, Abhijeet Sawant, called Junoon. And I did take the songs from the album when I heard it back then. Especially a couple of them – ‘Junoon’, the title track and ‘Meri Aankhen’.  And after Aamir, when I was looking up for Amit Trivedi’s details, I found that it was him who had composed those two songs. He has been consistent ever since. And got his first accolade for his single in wake up sid – ‘Iktara’.  At least a few people started recognizing his talent.

“I feel ashamed to take this award, when there has been some great music given by people like Amit and Salim Sulaiman”, said Rahman when he was receiving the filmfare award for the Best Music composer. He was being modest alright, but the fact is that guys like Amit Trivedi are (literally) rocking the Indian music. And as his new ventures like Admissions Open, Udaan and Aisha hit the charts, let us take a moment to acknowledge the talent that he is.

My top 5 AT songs to date (and I do hope that the list changes soon) are:

  1. Iktara
  2. Ek  Lau
  3. Haara
  4. Payaliya
  5. Nayan Tarse