Source Swarathma

Background information
Origin Mysore and Bangalore, India.
Genres Indian Folk/Fusion
Years active 2002 – present
Labels EMI, Counterculture Records

Members Vasu Dixit
Pavan Kumar KJ
Sanjeev Nayak
Montry Manuel
Jishnu Dasgupta

I don’t remember what day it was ,should be a year back, when my friend VINZ suggested that we go to 1 Lounge located in Koregaon Park Pune as one of the bands, SWARATHMA , had an Album Launch. Frankly speaking i had never heard of this band, the only rezn why i was game for the night was to grab a few drinks and chill out with frendz…

At the 1 Lounge the crowd was already there…within no time the show was ON…My first impression UNIQUE (Note : I’m not here to promote SWARATHMA…)…but obvious I couldn’t compare them to anyone…but sure enough the momentum started to build ….They’ve a unique flamboyant style which gets you hooked to the versatile music. There songs EE BHOOMI, PATTE SAARE just got me in a choke hold with a grip tighter than Stone Cold…aweso…and listening to them LIVE bloody awesome!. L8r when i stumbled the web about this band I read the fact that the two songs I use to alwz sing(not in the best of my voice) when we use to hang around, GMD(G**ND Mein Danda) and Sabka Katega by bodhiTree, were composed by Jishnu Das Gupta the lead bass guitarist & backing vocalist for SWARATHMA. I wonder if XL Ki Kudiyan too was his work , all i knew was Satadru Bagchi was the voice behind the college band BodhiTree and their amazing songs.

Swarathma comes with a amazing fusion sound with a great combination of folk instruments and lyrics that can touch the listener’s soul. The way they connected with crowd was amazing…I went back and hummed the song EE BHOOMI SWARGA AAGUTE DO NODU the entire time… Till date i cherish the song in my iPOD…

Swarathma is a bengaluru based band which has captured the mind-space of huge Indian and international fan following. Thanks to wikipedia i came to know the band was active since 2002, but wat amused me was the band still performs with the same innocence and freshness. The sound is indian folk and classical blended with Jazz, Blues and Reggae  in a blend that’s unique to SWARATHMA…

Whats more interesting is the fact that the band alongside their goal of proving their metal also is involved with & supporting several causes. It is indeed a very energetic and refreshing band with a strong theme.

Oh I forgot my purpose of jotting down this small to do article was…I’m currently in the UK and as i stumbled across SWARATHMA website i read something very interesting….SWARATHMA LIVE IN THE UK…isn’t that awesome…well definitely something to cheer about for me after the hard days work. I’m surely gonna make a visit…

Upcoming Shows (Source http://www.swarathma.com)
14 July 2010: Swarathma Showcase at Gibson Guitar Studio 6:30pm – 8:00pm, Gibson Guitar Rooms, 29-35 Rathbone St., London

16 July 2010: Swarathma Live at Larmer Tree Festival, UK 6:30pm – 10:00pm, Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury, United Kingdom

17 July 2010: Swarathma Live at Lovebox Festival, London 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Gaymer’s Bandstand, Victoria Park, London

18 July 2010: Swarathma Live at Bedford River Festival, UK 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Russel Park, Bedford, United Kingdom

Few of my personal favs…