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“Oh, that guy has a beautiful voice!…Guys, that’s Kshitij”…

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Kshitij was 3 when he started humming, Its two decades since then and he has turned out to be a true music ace. With melodies like ‘Dhol Yaara Dhol’, Ranjhana etc he surely is soaring and captivating hearts with his enchanting voice. Not to forget my personal favorite – Maula Mere Maula, not a day gone by when I wouldn’t have hummed this song. Beetein Lamhe & Madno from LAMHAA make it to my fav’s list.

I have been ignorant about the singer until Madno, I was blown off by the métier of the song, The lyrics have been done due justice. Kshitij’s voice plays the magic and it titillates quite a lot of feathers. Its pure pleasure to listen to his songs. Kshitij debuted as a playback singer in the bollywood movie ‘Anwar’ in Jan 2007 and there has been no looking back for this whiz, he has grown by the days.

His latest – ‘Madno’ strikes the right chords, the song isn’t a surprise looking at the way Kshitij has grown off ages and the way he has just got better and neared perfection in anything he sings. His sufi singing vogue very conveniently reminds of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

His singing is so full of life, its soulful and absolute melody to the ears and rattles the hearts of a lot.

So lets move on…

I couldn’t stop myself from contacting Kshitij and asked if he might be interested in a quick interview for us to draft it on this blog, and he was kind enough to oblige. I know his story will inspire and motivate all of you!

Kshitij Tarey
Kshitij Tarey

Initially as we started chatting with Kshitij, I thought we will come across another celeb, I’m put off by their attitude, with some attitude cuz of all the obvious reasons but hey we were completely stunned as we could never have imagined a guy with so many hits and this kind of attention would be so humble, down-to-earth and easy going who would readily accept to give an interview for our blog over a chat without complaining a bit.

Veronica in conversation with Kshitij Tarey (as it unfolded…)

1 . What is your first memory of being inspired by music?
Frankly speaking  I don’t remember when but yeah, I started singing from the time I can recollect. My family has encouraged me throughout. I started singing and learning music from young age maybe since I was four or five

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Best wishes from all your fans and StageIsSet Team

Thanks to Kshitij for letting us interview him’. If his songs don’t get you hooked, I don’t know what will! I think I’m going to go and listen to MADNO song now!

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Few of his songs from the past which really sneaks up on you and leaves a lasting impression…

Marathi Song…

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