Veronica in conversation with Kshitij Tarey (as it unfolded)

Kshitij Tarey

1 . What is your first memory of being inspired by music?
Frankly speaking  I really cant recollect .But My family has encouraged me throughout. I started singing and learning music from a young age of five.

2 . When and how did you realize you could actually do this as a career?
Don’t remember precisely  but  I think when i was in my eight standard I realized music was my life and i wanted to do nothing but sing. By then i had already invested 6-7 years in learning music which I think had formed a good base. My first guru and mentor was really instrumental in makings decisions. Not to forget the unconditional support from my family

3 . What has been the hardest part in getting your music out there?
The entire journey has been very challenging so cannot pin point on a particular challenge but i would like to mention one, getting over my voice change as a teen which  was the toughest. Luckily my guru played a vital role in this.

4 . You have worked with Mithoon on your various projects and also with Raghav Sachar, how’s the whole experience being?
The entire experience has been amazing. Working with such renowned personalities  itself was a great learning experience. They have their own talent talking for them and working with them is something special I love to keep to my heart.

5 . Music director(‘s) you’d like to work with?
With EVERYONE, all possible music directors. Every music director is unique and have their own style, would love to be a part of it.

6 . Your take on recent popular hit of yours, song ‘Madno.’ Being a Kashmiri myself that’s my favorite out of all you have sung.
All I can say is; it’s an amazing song. Close to my heart.

7 . Having lent your voice in movies like Anwar, The Train, DevD, One Two Three and the recent ‘Lamhaa’, do you fear being typecast every time you are approached with romantic numbers?
Not really, this is just a start of my career and at this point I shouldn’t be bothered about being a typecast. The music has chosen me, I have sung many other songs from other genres. The fact remains only that these got popular. I’m a very romantic person & maybe that’s why these romantic numbers appeals the audience. But I have no apprehensions about being a typecast, I believe in more and more opportunities.

8 . Your take on your spiritual albums ‘Kubera – Wealth Mantras’, ‘Buddhism’ and ‘Ram Raksha Kavach’, what motivated you to work on this project ? Are you a spiritual person?

They just came to me and I liked the project so was more than happy to get associated with it. Everyone in this world have their own views about spirituality. I’m a spiritual person in my own way.

9 . Is bollywood your ultimate destination or a part of your destination? How do you see going about it?
It’s just a journey…So I am not aiming anything in particular… Only wish to work with bollywood as long as possible. It was a dream and I am in process of achieving the success I was looking or dreaming about. It’s just a start to my career and I’ve a long way to go.

10 .How do you analyze the event scenario when it comes to LIVE performances and its popularity?

Any artist would love to perform to the live audience. Live events do give them the platform and a different challenge all-together to prove metal when performing live. I too generally love to get associated with more and more LIVE shows/events.

11 .What’s the best piece of advice you have received? Any advice you would like to pass on ?
This is tough one, frankly speaking there have been many. But if i were to pick one then i would say the advice which my first guru gave me after I won a competition. He said to “You have won competing with maybe 1000, but there are millions out there so don’t stop your hard work and keep going.” This one advice I always remember and nurture.

I’m yet to reach a stage where I can pass on advices as compared to other successful people but yeah to cut short I would say work hard and keep it simple. It is not about boasting but sheer hard work that will bring you success.

12 .Finally on a funny note… If not a musician, what would you have been?
Indeed that is a funny question. Let me think, maybe a driver since I love to travel. I love to drive and care for my car. Apart from driving one thing that drives me is chess. So if I wasn’t destined to be a singer then I might have been a chess player(maybe ?)