A R Rahman

Taking forward the discussion of RAHMANIACS, AR RAHMAN Fans. I have some interesting links/videos to share. People across the world, language no barrier, singing the songs sung by the Mozart of Chennai.

ARR is a genius, musical maestro who needs no introduction.He is one who redefined contemporary Indian music and every Indian takes pride at him. Idols for millions all over the world needs no preamble. But if you still happen to be one amongst those unfortunate music lovers who are stranger to him and his music then see the videos….

There is one major difference between A. R. Rahman and all other singers in the world. Music maestro A.R. Rahman enthrals audiences across all ages, all languages and all countries. He has huge global listeners. His music blends East and West, from Bharatnatyam to pop and tap dance to rock, anything and everything.

Time and again, ARR produces music that is so original and so unique that one can’t help but just be stunned by the MUSIC Maestro. Every other songs he produces is example of his brilliance.

As i said language is not a barrier, have a look at the videos. People across the world singing AR RAHMAN Songs just goes to show the global following…

Note the list goes on, i can only post few 😉