Rapping is a distinct form of music which is more like speaking or chanting lyrics with a fast toned rhythm. Very popular in the western part of world, this music category is finding lots of fan following in India too. Even though very outnumbered, there are few bands who entertains the crowd with their different style of rap music. Triple Aces is one of them.

Vinz in conversation with band ‘Triple Aces’ lead rapper Rishabh Nair a.k.a ‘Arm C’

Rishabh Nair

1. What does ‘Triple Aces’ convey?

When we came up with the name we were confused as to what three of us together represent, but then we realized that each of us is probably the best in our own styles of rapping…so we basically are all Aces…hence the name.

2. Being musicians was it a planned move to get into Rap category?

Not completely, but when we discovered each other “Rap” was what connected us and the energy this genre posses, the way one can weave words with utmost beauty…we were inspired and the only option was to “RAP”.

3.Through Triple Aces what do you want to achieve? Pure entertainment / social awareness or much more than that?

We want to create acceptance for the genre, moving beyond the clichés gangster rap has created. Social issues are very much a part of our plan, in-fact some of our social songs are just waiting to be recorded. Entertainment however is always and artists bread and butter.

4. Your vision about your band for the future? Details on your future projects, albums etc

The vision I’d say is simply to follow our passion and reach wherever it leads us. Talking about future projects…we have a mix tape planned, we’re not sure when it’ll be out yet but we’ve finalized the tracks for it, it should have 13-15 songs, ranging from social songs to ones simply about having fun, something for everyone’s taste buds.

5. What all subjects will your focus be in your lyrics?

The angst within us as youngsters in this time and age , societal issues which leave us in a state of dismay , but basically anything that we thing is worth talking about, be it people making a mockery out of the Genre or be it phases we’ve gone through in our own lives.

Triple Aces

6. You have been featured in Channel V. Your experiences on getting featured on V.

Ahh, we loved it , it was fun, we made people laugh a little and conveyed our message that rap is not just about guns, girls , cars and drugs but a genre which allows the musician in everyone to voice his or her opinion with lyrical grace.

7. Rap scenario in India is just picking up. Your take on its popularity and acceptance in our country.

It is picking up, with new artists coming out every other day; I just hope it picks up before we get old!!

8. Apart from your inspiration from Snoop Dogg and Eminem, whom do you adore?

Each of us has a different taste in music, so it is also artists out of our genre that inspire us so its difficult to name people as a crew but we do adore each other and as crew mates I think its quintessential to respect each other as an artist and to know each others boundaries.

9. What is your say on LIVE band concerts in India? How is it picking up? Whether they are encouraging for bands like yours comparing the competition from ‘Bollywood Music’

Live concerts are like blood in our veins; simply because of the exposure they give a band or artist. Picking up?? It’s becoming a fucking rage. But Bollywood is still in an altogether different league…we’re still ages away from that pinnacle but at least things are moving fast.

10. You are connecting mostly with the youth crowd of our country. Any particular message for them?

We’d say listen to new music give amateur artists a chance, because they’re the ones coming up with the best stuff anyways…and do all that while have one helluva time.

And it concludes. These guys are definitely gonna go distances. Check out them perform LIVE sometime.

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