Five Little Indians

Music is a passion for them. Individually they have worked with other bands earlier till the time they met, they jammed and they decided to join together to form a new band. They gave a name ‘Five Little Indians’ they started jamming, composing, and performing the music they loved. They merge melodic rock and a heavier sound together with some Hindustani classical which results in some unique music of their own.

Meet passionate musicians, Neel Adhikari who handles vocals and acoustic guitar, Sayak Bandyopadhyay who is a vocalist, Arka Das who is behind the drums, Roheet Mukherjee who is a bassist and Allan Ao on guitars. FLI as they popularly are known had co-headlined 2010 Rock N’India, Bengalooru alongside Richard Marx and a host of other international artists. Being already participated in Music festivals in Kohima, Delhi, Bengalooru and Shillong they were headlined in the Calcutta leg of Campus Rock Idols in January 2009.

This band formed in the year 2007 had been featured in The Times of India for its original sound. Their original track ‘Screaming At The Sun’ was one of the tracks released internationally as a part of Indian non-metal music by ennui.BOMB supported by Counter Culture Records. Rolling Stones gave a 3 star rating for their track ‘Happy Birthday’ and recommended must-download music in 2008. A regular performing band in Calcutta, they have organized a concert series in association with The Supersonics and other kinds with a sole purpose of re-establishing Calcutta as a blooming bed for rock n’ roll creativity.

A must watch band, FLI believes in rendering their best of original music to their crowd. These LITTLE Indians are sure gonna make it BIG.

Watch out this space for more news on them in future. (Update : They are performing at Kyra, Bangalore, this 24rth July… Catch them LIVE)