S.I.L.V.E.R is synonymous to the word ROCK when it comes to music. Formed in late 2007 the band consists of Rishi Rai (Bass player), Savio Sebastian (Guitar player and backing vocalist), Mahesh Niroula (Vocalist) and Amit Godse (Drummer). Primarily a hard rock band, they also experiment with several other genres like jazz, reggae and blues. Having won Yamaha Roxx National competition and Independence Rock XXIII in the year 2008, they represented Taiwan at Asian Beat 2008.

Vinz is in conversation with founder member Rishi Rai about their band, his team mates and their music.

1. SILVER is a recognized band in a national level. You are known by your name and the music you have been playing for years. What was the reason zeroing down with your unique name? Any particular incident behind that?

After the lineup was complete we were in the process of naming our band, numerous crazy names came to our mind. Finally our guitar player Savio confessed the very fact that ever since his schooldays he had dreamt of being in a band titled  Silver – we liked the name very much and yeah indeed the name has been very lucky for us.

2. As a musician and as a band who were your influences and inspirations?

As a band our greatest influence has been “Life”, also bands like Rush, Extreme, Weather Report, Black Sabbath, Tool has influenced us a lot and not to forget our individual hero`s Jaco Pastorious, Greg Howe, Neil Pert, Freddie Mercury.

3. Very well entertainers you guys are, what are the factors that give you the spirit to enthuse your crowd?

Well, for us being on stage is a dream come true….So every time we’re on it, living in the moment and having a blast is what matters. The positive energy just flows and I guess that’s why the audience simply gets into the groove too!

4. You are into rock music that got very less of listeners compared to the whole nation. This is with comparison to the bollywood music and the regional language albums. What do you think about the scenario in India for your kind of music, now and in the coming years?

As of now the scene for rock and original music in our country is expanding at a much greater pace than it was 5 years ago… The numbers of live events that happen now are much more than before, also many big time sponsors are showing great interest in events that involve live bands so that just increases the scope tenfold for bands like us. We’re sure in the coming few years the rock scene in India is going to be simply awesome.


What were the hurdles you had to pass for getting into this stream of entertainment, if any?

Well we did have a few Hurdles initially since a couple of us in the band are working guys and to mange time was a problem also some organizers prefer bands that play only covers and commercial stuff which restricts opportunities for bands like ours who play only original music.

6. Any current projects you are working on?

Right now working on a track for a compilation album, other than that we are constantly gigging.

7. As a band how do you see yourself 5 year down the lane?

Silver will be huge! (Rishi Smiles wide ;)…) Well 5 years from now we do intend on focusing more on international performances and doing some great recordings.

8. There is a famous history for ‘break-ups’ among rock bands internationally. What could be the reason for such break ups from a musician point of view?

Well the reasons for other bands breaking up could mainly be incompatibility and ego between band members, drugs, alcohol and the list can go on. Touch wood Silver is free from all of those traits.

9. What’s your message to aspiring musicians?

Believe in your music!

10. Why do you think big live events don’t happen in India as other countries like America or UK? Is it because we are not geared up infrastructure wise or is it the government not encouraging such activities or we Indians are not really enthusiastic about such events?

Well things are happening in India, Fingers crossed. When asked what kind of events they intend to play, Rishi had only one answer – “We intend to play in every corner of our country”

Sure, we hope too!

SILVER – Band Review