Still From Thriller

Thriller was released in the year 1983, featuring Micheal Jackson and Ola Ray, based on a horror background. This song is credited as the most successful video album ever in history of pop music. The album got Micheal Jackson record breaking 8 grammy awards and 8 American Music Awards in the year 1984. The album was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records, spent 37 weeks at number one position at Billboard 200 out of the 80 consecutive weeks it was in top ten.

  • This album is the first to be played in New York’s WPLJ, a ‘white’ radio station, breaking down the racial barriers on FM music.
  • The song thriller was originally titles Starlight
  • During the “Thriller” era, Jackson’s plastic surgery became noticeable. His face changed from the time the photo was taken for the album cover to the filming of the “Thriller” video.
  • At the height of the song’s popularity, MTV would run the 14-minute “Thriller” video twice an hour.

In 2009, National Film Registry by the Library of Congress had selected this video, for the first time in history, and credited this to be the most famous video of all time

The Album is to believe to be sold 110+ million copies till date which is a feat on its own.  No other album had crossed 50 million as per Wikipedia.