Music take control
(let the music play baby)
(music take controle)

I always believe that music not only liberates and rejuvenates the soul, but also indicates our present mood & represents our personality and can be our companion when needed.

Just like the difference in attitudes as we grew up, there’s this transition from nursery rhymes to church choirs to bollywood songs to the club mixes, rock, techno & trances and the likes and as we hit the 30s/40s, we gradually mellow down and tend to prefer the Jazz, Blues, Country,Classics…exactly not so loud stuff.

I would be lying if I say that music is life for me or I have a overwhelmingly large musical database and knowledge but I surely have my own set of collection both old and new which I keep close n treasure to extent that the loss of it will surely irritate my brains out. Though the choice is differed, music has been there with me in every phase of life; be it when I was happy or sad or in love or not or when I was down or excited.

And yes, the music plays a very important role when you have alcohol around and add to that the ingredient of gals and it makes a killer combination. There are lots of personal favorites to list down but I enjoy everything from ‘Maa tujhe Salam’ to ‘BC Sutta’ …from the romantic numbers like ‘Way Back into Love’ to the heavy metal of Deep Purple.

As I have said music reflects the mood of yours. So here, I am writing this piece of write up at 4 AM in the morning with couple of pegs down after a night out at the famous Soho’s in London and hearing to ‘Layala’ from Eric Clapton. Trust me the strings sound more amazing once the booze is inside you.

Over and out from me now; till then folks, whatever may be the state of your minds LETS HAVE THE MUSIC PLAYING.

Guest Author : Leon