If you got an appetite for destruction using your illusions, come whatever Spaghetti incident it is you will end up in Chinese democracy. This sentence makes no sense. But to those hard core music lovers, followers of GNR a.k.a Guns N Roses, this sentence will ring a bell down their memory lane.
Formed in the year 1985, when rock music was having their peak time, GNR is lead by founder member Axle Rose. This is the ONLY band still surviving with the maximum number of artists performing under the brand name, which are 22. Having six studio albums onto their credit, all of them having success, GNR were nicknamed as Kings of Rock in 80’s.

Few of the trivia’s about the band and their famous members
1. Their debut album Appetite for destruction is the most sold out debutant album in the history.
2. The band name didn’t come from the lead man Axl Rose but from two other band names, ‘L A Guns’ and ‘Hollywood Roses’
3. Just because they were not allowed to drink on stage they had cancelled one concert in Portland in the year 2006
4. They stand at number nine position of VH1’s Greatest Hard Rock Artists.
5. Slash, their lead guitarist, loved snakes and almost he had 20 of them at his house.
6. Slash, a drawing enthusiast is the one who is behind many of their epical logo’s
7. Their greatest hit ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ was written for Axl’s then girlfriend Erin Everly and is believed to be written in straight five minutes.

The band met with huge success right from their first album. They released more albums and toured world singing and entertaining the crowd. It was after the release of Spaghetti Incident that things started going wrong and the band split for the first time.
Still, GNR remains very close to their fans.