Infected Mushroom. Source: WikiPedia

Psychedelic is the word people talk in Pune. Why? The most awaited happening during these rains is nearing. Infected Mushrooms is performing at 1 Lounge coming Thursday.

Infected Mushrooms started their career in the year 1998 and have created a special arena of theirs. Their hypnotic arrangement of synthetic rhythms, melodies and tracks, with a great amalgamation of riffs makes them favorites for lakhs of EDM loving youths.

Eriz Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, founders of this world famous band got music in their genes. The Gathering was their breakthrough debut album which garnered lots of popularity. Their next release, Classical Mushroom, got them established as Trance kings. Their other albums like BP Empire, Converting Vegetarians, IM the Supervisor and Legend of Black Shawarma became the new music trend in trance music.

Amit & Eriz. Source - Wiki

The year 2004 saw an addition of two more performers, Tom Cunningham and Erez Netz in guitars. Later in 2009, they saw a new member with Rogerio Jardim joining the bandwagon. Together they rocked the dance floors.

And they are here in Pune on 29th July to just have a kick-ass party. You don wanna miss them, rite?

Go and enjoy…