Source : Zedde FB Page

Zedde was performing a GIG at HARD ROCK CAFE, Pune. Initially I was a bit sceptic as I had never heard of ZEDDE, but I was suppa excited to listen to the once I reached HRC.

At first glance, Zedde may seem one of those many so-called ROCK bands whose sole purpose is to scream their gullets out and do weird antics on stage, but once you delve into their(Zeddes) GIGS you’ll see that it’s so much more. Zedde absolutely elevates the genre above and beyond any set limits.

Excerpts from ZEDDE Facebook Info…

Zedde is driven by the undying passion to perform original music and the urge to carry forward the legacy of rock legends. Their music unarguably entitles them as Mumbai’s best shot at the resurgence of Rock N’ Roll.

Zedde comprises 2Blue on vocals, Claver on guitars, Akashdeep on bass, and Trevor on drums.

HRC exactly had an addition apart from the regular band members which was the guest performer Schubert (again, an ex-Vayu-ite) on keyboards.

The crowd at Hard Rock Café was getting into the grove. Zedde dedicated this GIG to Guns ‘N’ Roses by performing their songs.

Zedde’s version of “November Rain” and “Sweet Child O Mine” were near to perfection and made the crowd crave for even more. Zedde strips away the myths of egos between the band members as it generally happens with every other bands and has some insane combos with awesome co-ordination which is seen their work/music and gets appreciated by the crowd.

Overall a night well spent and worth the dodging of potholes and traffic to reach the venue..all thanks to ZEDDE

I will leave you’ll with ZEDDE’s Muzik…