Indian Ocean

There is no need of introduction for the band Indian Ocean. This Delhi based musician group had captured millions of their listeners through the magic of music they have produced in the form of various albums including Indian Ocean, Kandisa and the latest one Jhini. They are best described as an Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms which carry many traditional slokas and chanting.

It was 1984 when the founder members Susmit Sen and Asheem met and started jamming. Their search for new mates for a band extended till 1990. That year saw their first commercial album getting released and it made the Indian crowd completely go awestruck! Though their then drummer Shaleen left the band they immediately replaced him with an enthusiastic performer Amit.

It took another three years for them to come up with ‘Desert Rain’ which was the first live album released by any Indian band. Their next album ‘Kandisa’ was an instant hit and now enjoys a cult status among others in the music industry. From then on they got busy with innumerous live concerts throughout the world and majorly in India. They have created music for a bollywood flick ‘Black Friday’ in which they have created a different kind of music fusing many more instruments.

In 2009, to the shock of their fans, Indian Ocean band lost their founder member Asheem to a cardiac arrest. Though the loss is never irreplaceable, Indian Ocean still continues to enthrall their audience with their brilliant music and performances.

Catch them performing LIVE at Hard Rock Café Pune and Hard Rock Café Mumbai this week. The details are in the following link.

Hard Rock Cafe Pune
Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai

If you are in Pune/Mumbai, catch them live! You won’t regret.

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