Band War

Come this Friday, the city of Pune is going to witness a battle of bands at Nehru Memorial Hall. Organized for a worthy cause of raising funds for a charity institute focused on orphanage children and old-age home, this event is going to feature city’s top bands performing their best in front of their well wishers.

The event will showcase 6 bands that are more than happy to perform in a charity function for a worthy cause. They all believe in their music and want to spread the social message through their music to the young generation.

SILVER is going to headline the event hoping to see the fans supporting them at the event. The event will see other bands like Treble, Highway 61, Pitch Black Symphony, Beach Dog and Smoke Stack performing. This is going to be a high octane concert with all the bands unleashing their best.

Do watch them LIVE. The ticket rates are cheaper considering the social cause.

Click here to get more details, grab the tickets and rush to the venue.