DJ Jam

JAM? Who JAM ? Wondering?

Let me introduce DJ Jam, the official DJ to the likes including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and The DPG family. If your musical inclinations is towards R&B, Funk, Hip Hop or Reggae you should not miss this guy.

He got his inspiration to be a DJ at an age of 13, motivated by a friend of his brother-in-law. He claims having basic knowledge on playing instruments like trumpet, drums, keyboard and guitars helped him excel in understanding the sense to play DJ music. Having won many DJ war titles, he had a brief role played as a radio DJ too.

Having few remix albums to his credit like WBallz, Midnite Groves, Hot Spot he is now working on a rap based mix for the future. He considers Dr. Dre to be the best producer and Snoop Dogg as his best influence.

Apart from his music, it’s a dream is to write a book and venture into true life adventures that keeps DJ Jam go ahead in life.

Watch him perform at Hard Rock Café, Pune this Sunday. Its gonna be a helluva night for all music lovers.