Thermal And A Quarter is a rock band based in the electronic city of India, Bangalore, famous for their dedication and hard work towards creating original music. They are pioneers in the Indian rock scenario, and they are well known for their diverse styles that include jazz-funk and even Carnatic. It was in 1996 that a highly motivated four-member team was formed and had first regaled an appreciative audience. They cite their origins as the reason for their brand name—three of their original members were Malayalees while the fourth was a quarter Malayalee—and Three Mals and a Quarter evolved into Thermal And A Quarter.

If some gods are allowed to have a third eye, and if Earth is allowed to be the third rock from the sun, and if some third-rate politicians are allowed to gang up and form a third front, we westernized pseudo-secularist neo-liberal quasi-intellectuals don’t want to be left out (or right out, for that matter)
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Their first original release was in the year 1999 and eponymous, making them one of the early birds to get into music-releasing-rock-troupe bandwagon in India. An instant hit in their city, it didn’t take long for them to release their next album ‘Jupiter Café’. Soon followed two more albums to their credit, and last year, they even created a song exhorting the public to vote in the general elections in India—‘Shut Up And Vote’.

The front man Bruce Lee Mani plays the guitar and is the lead vocalist for the band; Rajeev Rajagopal is the man behind the drums; and Rzhude David took care of bass guitar and sometimes even vocals (till the time he retired from the band due to other commitments, in 2010). Earlier members from this band are Sunil Chandy and Vishal Gopinath. Not only have they performed in hundreds of public concerts organized all over India, they have also ventured abroad in places like Scotland and USA. Further, they have made major contributions in promoting Indian rock music abroad. They have also been associated with A. R. Rahman’s studio AM Studios in Chennai and with Jeff Peters from Los Angeles, both Grammy Award winners.

Besides winning innumerable awards, adulations, and recognitions, they were also invited to open for Deep Purple and Jethro Tull during their India tours. Their unique original sound and progressive attitude are the primary factors that distinguish them from other bands. For example, not only are they pioneers in producing and playing only original music in India, in Bangalore, they have also begun the TAAQademy , where they offer world-class facilities for bands to learn, jam, and create. Attending their concert is an all-together different feel unique experience, and their music definitely makes you crazy.

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