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Be Bengaluru or be square….72 hours of  good times in the pub capital of INDIA….

The Great Indian October Fest (TGIOF) Produced on the lines of internationally renowned German Oktober fest, which takes place in Munich, Bavaria. TGIOF has the essence of Oktober fest felicitously blended with Indian flavor.

Charm of the event lies in having oodles of fun with friends and family; along with non stop live music performances, great art to see and participate, games to be enjoyed like a small kid, spend time and buy with small change in festooned flea market for funky and memorabilia, see and experience unique range of automobiles from past and present, enjoy classic movies and finally eat great sumptuous food with fresh and quenching beer.

TGIOF is a total package of fun and frolic to entertain one and all for three full days starting from Friday to Sunday.

TGIOF is a carnival; melting point for people to have a good time and bring global recognitions to attend/travel to Bangalore and India.

The Great Indian October Fest is a meeting point of 7 Mini festivals –

Music Fest, Food Fest, Shopping Fest, Game Fest, Art Fest, Auto Fest and the Beer.

KINGFISHER TGIOF has today grown to become a national event attracting people from all over India and abroad as well. It is an attempt to replicate the grand Oktober fest held in Germany which attracts more than 6 million people annually. KINGFISHER TGIOF is a true carnival like atmosphere with an exhaustive set of events and activities that promise to keep its visitors spell bound and thoroughly entertained. The event  is set on 26 acres of land and needless to say elaborate arrangements are in place to ensure a safe and fun filled experience. 15 Acres of land is available on a dedicated basis for parking alone. First Aid, Ambulance Cover, Clean and sufficient Toilets and most importantly excellent security services are in place to handle any situation.

Our past record of three years at The Great Indian October Fest has been ample proof of the Good & Great Times. KINGFISHER TGIOF is a celebration of the spirit of living. It is a celebration of youth and vibrancy. All the elements that are needed to make it successful have been brought together.

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When : 22nd Oct, 23rd Oct, 24th Oct 2010

Article Updateted 26th August 2010

To give you enough proof of this promise, there were series of gigs titled ‘Prelude to Octoberfest’ was held in Bangalore on Sunday, August 8, 2010 with the following acts…

List of Acts @ Cemetary Gates
Slain Asthra
Eschers Knot Demonic Resurrection
Velvet Trap Eccentric Pendulum
Inner Sanctum Theorized
Infernal Wrath Corrod
Scribe Abandoned Agony
Blind Image Mechanix
Band Aid

Phew! Ain’t it enough to blow you away? Be there.