When you are looking for jazz-influenced band, there Soul Mate is untouchable. Formed in the year 2003, the band consists of Rudy Wallang who handles guitars and is the vocalist too. He composes songs for the band. His band mate is Tripriti Kharbangar who is as good and efficient with guitars and her vocals. Both of them together make a power packed team to enthrall the entire crowd with their music. They have Ferdy Dkhar on bass guitars and Sham Shullai on drums to make a perfect combination of a band.

Their music is steeped in Jazz, Blues and Soul with a perfect blend of Rock. Rudy Wallang, a well known artist started his career listening to his father Toto Wallang. He plays ukulele and guitars and composes songs for the band. He was a part of many other Blues bands like Mojo and Great Society. With his lyrics and the unique singing style of Tripriti, Soul Mate never disappoints the crowd. The joy and excitement they bring in all their performances is unmatched. That’s one of the reasons for their success and recognition in Indian music industry.

Having more than 500 concerts to their credit, throughout the nation and abroad too, Soul Mate started their performances at the Roots Festival. For their concerts they jam with many veteran music entertainers and try to give the audience something new and fresh. They have released two albums titled ‘Shillong’ and ‘Moving On’ with soul-soothing and unique creations of music. Few of the best numbers from the albums are The Price, Blues in my Soul mate, I Am, Your Sweet Loving and Love you to name few. The variety of melodies and tempo in songs make them really great listening. Their live performance is electric, to say the least.

Citing influences like Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, B.B.King, Fitzgerald and Frank Zappa out of hundreds of others, they consider their place of origin, Shillong, played a major part in forming them and shaping their creativity. Their success is so enormous that their music is reaching out across borders and they are looking forward their concerts in countries like USA.

True and loyal to their name, their music indeed creates a bonding with our soul. A true Soul Mate!

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