Swarathma Action Replay

The song is ‘Ee bhoomi’ and the artist is Swarathma, which these days I am hooked onto. The Kannada song is so soothing to listen to, due to its melody and the variations of the instruments, especially the violin. The song is about turning the earth into paradise through love and friendship.

Swarathma is a Bengalooru based band consisting of six artists. Vasu Dixit, the vocalist-composer of the band is confident enough to play with words when converting them into lyrics. He writes stuff that is socially relevant and their music is tuned to that. A trained Carnatic singer, he always believes in experimenting with his talent in various languages including Kannada, Punjabi, Hindi, Punjabi and Hindi. He is the younger brother of Raghu Dixit of Raghu Dixit Project fame. Jishnu was earlier part of BodhiTree, the band that created GMD (‘BEEP’ Mein Danda) and the confident pillar of the band, handling bass guitars and backing vocals. Montry Manuel, the man on the drums is someone who beats his instrument with passion, always looking to sound them in a different manner. Pavan, gives the band a distinguished feel, handling instruments like Kanjira, Djembe, Ghatam and Dholak. Sanjeev is another USP of the band handling the violin. Most of their tracks have his talent showcased in a prominent way. Varun handles lead guitar and the way his fingers play is a visual treat. This super pack of six youths ensures a great music atmosphere whenever they perform.


The band specializes in blending Indian fusion with western rock music. Winners of Radio City Live in the year 2008, they have performed on various occasions including MTV Street concerts, The Great Escape Festival in the UK and many more. They create music which finds its way to every listener’s soul and always try to convey some message to the society. Getting inspired from bands like Indian Ocean and Raghu Dixit Project, they take steps to be involved with and promote many social causes through their

With two albums to their credit, songs like Ee Bhoomi, Pyaasa, Yesu Allah Aur Krishna have found a prominent place in Indian Music history. These songs helped them get international recognition and made them one of the few bands from India which also tour abroad extensively. With their bright and colorful appearance, they bring a different ambience altogether on stage. Their first album, self-titled ‘Swarathma’ garnered fans from all over the country, charting top positions in many music magazines, online and offline.

They have played with many popular bands including Parikrama and artists like Rabbi Shergil and Shubha Mudgal. Their distinctive theatre showmanship, the harmony between the band members and the efforts in creating melodious yet rhythmic music makes them favorites of many. Better watch them performing live somewhere near you.