Woodstock in 1969

Woodstock Festival is considered to be a cult event in rock and roll music history. Dreamt, conceptualized by four enthusiastic music lovers who wanted to create a unique event which promotes peace and harmony had many problems right from venue changes to local authority restrictions to almost 80 lawsuits charged against the organizers. But ultimately the festival was a huge success and set a new trend for the years to come.

Some Interesting factors about the festival…

  1. Some main artists performed in the very first festival are Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Joe Crocker, Santana, Joan Baez and The Who.
  2. As an experiment the festival had targeted a maximum attendance of 2,00,000 people but ultimately the first of its kind music festival saw a turnaround of 5,00,000 plus enthusiasts.
  3. The event was planned for three days, but due to its overwhelming response the event ran one more extra day
  4. The only Indian who was a part of the artist list was Pt. Ravi Shankar

    Jimmi Hendrix Performing
  5. Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and The Doors are among those who couldn’t / didn’t attend the festival and later regretted after the huge success of the festival
  6. John Lennon who was then in Canada told the organizers that he wanted to perform, but US denied his entry visa ripping off his opportunity.
  7. Warner Bros. the producer of the film based on Woodstock was on the verge of going out of business and this film saved them. Likewise, it was the revenue from the film produced over a period of 10 years that made Woodstock festival a financially profitable event.
  8. The farm owner, Max Yasgur, stated to opt out from the festival after its success giving his intentions of getting back into dairy farm business as reasons.