Raghu Dixit

There are many kinds of songs—some you don’t want to listen to, few songs you get stuck to for quite sometime and few songs that you get stuck to like forever. These days I am stuck to a brand of music of the third type —the amazing ‘I am in Mumbai’ by Raghu Dixit Project.

The song has a mix of Hindi and English composition penned by Raghu Dixit, famous folk musician from Bengalooru. The music is a combination of folk music with a pop feel to it and a soothing background score to add to it. The pace and tempo of the song are so rhythmic and well crafted that you immediately start swinging to it.

Raghu Dixit Project is a new concept conceived and promoted by Raghu Dixit himself consisting of a platform for many artists from varied genres in the music industry to come together, collaborate and create a new-dimensional and multi-faceted music and sound. A self-taught musician, Raghu Dixit was a part of a band called Antaragni (he was one of the founder members) but now he is more focused on this new venture.

His debut album, a self-titled one, was launched by Vishal-Shekhar’s music record label. The album consists of 8 songs and includes very popular hits like I am in Mumbai, No man will ever love you, Khidki and Mysore Se Aayi. He has also been associated with a few movies like ‘Quick Gun Murugan’.

Nowadays, he is touring to spread the language of love and music and collaborating with many musicians nationally and internationally. Besides the major Indian cities, he has already toured countries like UK, Korea and Russia. He has also featured in many music festivals. Being a theatre composer as well, he has been associated with many highly acclaimed productions like Hayavadana and Body Catcher.

The Group

His major focus is on creating music with a perfect blend of various Indian ethnic or fusion music styles and combined with other varieties from all over the world as well. By achieving a perfect amhttps://stageisset.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1026&action=editalgamation of Sufi, Classic, Carnatic and Punjabi styles—combined with western music styles—with his versatile vocal range, he and his band have been successful in delivering a fresh feel to music that can be enjoyed by any music enthusiast.

Do listen to his music and lighten your heart.