Beware Dogs
Beware Dogs : A Film by Spandan Banerjee

India’s first music film, Leaving Home: The Life and Music of Indian Ocean released nationwide on 2nd April and now we have another film based on INDIAN OCEAN, a great treat to all the INDIAN OCEAN fans.

Four musicians and their music floating through the corridors of a quaint old house in an old Delhi neighborhood is what the film Beware Dogs attempts to capture. The house is where the band Indian Ocean come together with their many moods. As they work and play the camera peeps into their world desiring to know the artists behind the familiar tunes. The artists are like characters in the film, glimpsed and known only through their music and the space they inhabit.

The journey, which begins with a known song, quietly leads the outsider into their little room where they rehearse and weave new music. As the known words fade, a new struggle is discovered.

The struggle to create; as they compose a new song for a feature film. In its narrative length, Beware Dogs attempts to seek the four musicians and share their travails of creating music as they laugh, grimace and sway tying the pieces that will go on to become a new song.

The movie is great treat for all the INDIAN OCEAN Fans.