It was 2009 when three youngsters, filled with music and passion, got together to form a band with a unique brand name, Triple Aces. Hailing from the capital city, Delhi, their music revolved on rap, hip hop and R n B. They say, “We rap about anything that we think is socially relevant or emotionally stimulating for the young audience we cater to.” Now that’s something really interesting; social revolution through music.

Triple Aces

Rishabh Nair, who swears by his ability to rhyme anything, is a journalism student who is a passionate writer. With him the band got Rajat Kukreja a.k.a Kuki who loves to rhyme with a mike in his hand and Roopam Singh a.k.a Alien with an amazing flow of words when performing. They make an electric team rendering power packed songs to their listeners.

Already few gigs onto their account they are very much popular among their city youth crowd, especially girl fans (as they claim) drooling over their music. You pay a visit to their fan page and will see 1000+ fans raving about their performances. International rappers and hip hop artists like Eminem and Snoop Dogg are their inspiration sources.

They were never sure of what they wanted to do initially, but yeah, they do it just because they love to do it. Their originals like I am drunk and high tonight, LSR, we put you outta order are driving their fans crazy and make them want more. Set to revolutionize the rap scene in India, passion and music is something that binds them together and prompt them move ahead.

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